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Dissecting ‘Intersections’

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The ideas behind the series

Intersections was born of a desire to shed another layer and, within that shedding, weave together the colours accumulated from the interactions and collisions I’ve had, and we all have, with the people in my life. Each of us carries wounds, heartaches, memories, trauma, and pain. Where do these memories live in the patterns of our existence? Do they drive us towards empathy, sorrow, anger, bitterness, segregation from ourselves or others, or to integration and wholeness? Do we allow our past to cloud the future or to see more clearly the beauty to be found in the small but monumental everyday interactions and settings in our environments? Is there true beauty in the mundane? Is simply living (and feeling) a life the purpose of our existence?

Each decision, each choice is a diverging of a path and the one that leads to self is seldom clear. With this series I’m dissecting this diaphanous web of interactions and distilling it to its essence. Who are we from moment to moment? What have we seen and what have we chosen to un-see? Which of our experiences will we allow to guide us, to push us forward? What can we discard now, with thanks?

The monochromatic softness of each of the main pieces is a reflection of this desire to work simple concrete meanings from this tangled convergence of paths. The soft beauty of a quiet moment with a true friend, the simple joy of watching a child asleep knowing they’re warm and safe for another day, the moment of satisfaction from a pile of folded laundry – taking satisfaction and in the fleeting, the accomplishment of a task that will come around to be done again, languishing in the eye of the storm, stopping time and being, knowing that even when you’re broken you’re a person that has and will keep seeing, doing being and making.

Each piece is carefully designed and meticulously measured and laid out before being painted with loose and free watercolours. Interacting with the different paper mediums, this reflects the nature of life, no matter how much we plan or how detailed our preparations are, life will throw diversity and the unexpected at us. If we can adapt and flow without yielding, what beauty will be found in the oft ‘outside the lines’ results? The pairing and tripling of some pieces, the series with the series, is an admission of complexity even within the yen for the simple and the easy.

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